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Error moving file or folder you may not have permission

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Vykta Wakandigara
Vykta Wakandigara on 2 Nov 2018
Answered: Will Grant on 20 Sep 2019
I tried to cut and paste a folder in some other directory using Matlab's "Current Folder" pane but now I get this message:
"Error moving file or folder you may not have permission"
when I try to paste. When I try to paste in the folder back in its original directory, nothing happens. I am using a 2017 Macbook. What can I do to avoid losing this folder?

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Will Grant
Will Grant on 20 Sep 2019
This just happened to me! At 5pm, after having spent the whole day perfecting my function and a few helper classes, I did a Ctrl+X on the files intending to move them to another location to check into source control. Imagine my horror when I was greeted with this exact message.
I looked all over for the files. I tried Ctrl+V back in the original directory (in Matlab and File Explorer).
Out of desperation, I did a whole-disk file search for the files.
EUREKA! I found them! Turns out they had been pasted in an unexpected subdirectory of the original paste location. I'm pretty sure I didn't do this.
Takeways for those stumbling across this lonely page in the future
  • NEVER use matlab's builtin copy-paste functionality.
  • This error message effectively means "your files aren't there anymore!"
  • Look in any directory anywhere close to where your files originally were, or where you intented to paste them.

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