more efficient way of coding a series of string variables which contain a fix subset of strings

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Dear all,
I have the following list
l1= 'di _Aust.xlsx' ;
l2='di _Bel.xlsx' ;
l4 = 'di_Fr.xlsx';
l5 = 'di_Ge.xlsx' ;
l6 = 'di_Gre.xlsx';
l7 = 'di_Ire.xlsx' ;
l8 = 'di_Ita.xlsx' ;
l9 = 'di_Nethe.xlsx';
l10 ='di_Portu.xlsx' ;
l11 ='di_Slova.xlsx' ;
l12= 'di_Sloven.xlsx';
l13= 'di_Spa.xlsx' ;
As you can see in any case the only part that changes is “di”. I was wondering if there is a more efficient way of writing this number of lists
For instance,
Kk={‘di’ ‘rt’ ‘ew’ }
And if I have, for example kk(2), then to get the output
l1= 'rt _Aust.xlsx' ;
l2='rt _Bel.xlsx' ;
and so forth

Accepted Answer

Thomas on 5 Jul 2012
IS this what you need?
kk={'di' 'rt' 'ew' };
name={'Aust' 'Bel' 'Est' 'Fr'};
for ii=1:length(name)
% xlswrite(l , data) % here you have your xlswrite

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Mark Whirdy
Mark Whirdy on 5 Jul 2012
Hi Looks like a case for regexp(), but for a more detailed solution I'll need you to reword your question as its difficult to understand exactly what variables you have and the code-behaviour you need.

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