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I have attached my problem please write its matlab command.

Asked by A GARG
on 9 Nov 2018
Latest activity Edited by madhan ravi
on 11 Nov 2018
f = @(delv)(sqrt(2.*q.*Nsub./Csi.*(delv+vt.*(ni./Nsub).^2.*(exp(delv./vt)-1))+(vt.*(exp(-delv./vt)-1))));


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1 Answer

Answer by madhan ravi
on 9 Nov 2018
Edited by madhan ravi
on 9 Nov 2018

f = @(delv) str2sym('(sqrt(2.*q.*Nsub./Csi.*(delv+vt.*(ni./Nsub).^2.*(exp(delv./vt)-1))+(vt.*(exp(-delv./vt)-1))))');
delv=@(f) str2sym('Vs1-Vbef+A-R-S-B(1+(Cox./Csi))-(-(q.*Np.*tsi./Cox)+(Csi.*f./Cox)).*(1+Cox./Csi)');
f(delv) %f is a function of delv
delv(f) %delv is a function of f


"Don't worry about the other variables, they are well defined in my program."
If you want a proper help provide all the necessary details
My program is too long and it has many variables defined into the other. So the main problem is I am unable to get the value returned after iteration. Can you help in iteration portion particularly?
which value do you want to return ? attach your script file

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