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Does Notebook Suite still exist

Asked by Kenneth Dunipace on 9 Nov 2018 at 22:24
Latest activity Commented on by Michelle Hirsch 21 minutes ago
Has MATLAB Notebook Suite been discontinued? If not, where can I find current documentation on installing and activating it? If it has, is there some new "product" that offers similar capabilities. I haven't found anything that comes even close when trying to create a documentary "history" of a design process.


Live Editor perhaps?
Thanks Walter. I did stumble across it, totally by accident. Nothing in the Mathworks Help structure even mentioned it. It looks as if it may serve the purpose, but doesn't seem as convenient (seamless?) as the old Notebook system.

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Answer by Michelle Hirsch about 5 hours ago

The Notebook interface has been removed. The documentation mentions this change and points to the Live Editor as an alternative:
I'm interested in your comment that it doesn't feel as seamless. I've used both and always found it really awkward to write MATLAB code in Microsoft word. I'd end up writing it in MATLAB then copying it over to Word once I get it right. With Live Editor (and with script publishing before it) I've found it much easier to just write my code in MATLAB to build a document that includes MATLAB code and output.
One small note - if you specifically want a Microsoft Word document, the Live Editor does not yet support export to Word (it supports PDF, LaTeX and HTML). The workaround is to save your live script as a MATLAB Code File (.m) which you can then publish to a Word document.


Thank you! I guess I just missed that documentation.
I suppose the seamlessness depends on individual usage, but I'v never found any MATLAB code that didn't type in Notebook exactly like it did in MATLAB. I could mix MATLAB code and Word text at will with no particular effort and I could also import photos,PowerPoint slides, Excel data and images just as I would in normal use of Word. The Live Editor word processing capabilities don't seem to be nearly as good. It also supports LaTex but not MathType and in LaTex you have to learn a whole new language of keyboard symbols connected to Math symbols and functions while MathType allows you to pick and choose visually the "image" you want to use. I haven't tried it, but apparently I can make up my display in MathType and save it as LaTex code, then cut-and-paste that into Live Editor (functional but far from seamless).
Again, thanks for the help.
Thanks for the additional insight. It's definitely true that the Live Editor won't fully replicate the breadth of capabilities of a dedicated word processor, but we hope to support the vast majority of key use cases. For instance, you can easily import photos into the Live Editor even pasting them from other programs. There's also a really nice interactive equation editor which works a lot like MathType, with the extra capability of allowing for LaTeX-like keyboard shortcuts like \pi.

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