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Why do I receive this error message?

Asked by Chidiebere Ike on 10 Nov 2018
Latest activity Commented on by Chidiebere Ike on 11 Nov 2018
I tried to run the code via this link and I get errors below, can anyone help resolve this.
% Training [0 x 1000] dictionary on 0 vectors using K-SVD
Error using ksvd (line 386)
Number of training signals is smaller than number of atoms to train
Error in learn_dict (line 49)
[conf.dict_lores, gamma] = ksvd(ksvd_conf); % , '');
Error in Example (line 25)
conf = learn_dict(conf, load_images(...


Unable to open file "Set5/results/baby_GT[1-Original].bmp" for writing. You might not have write permission .
Directory Set5 or Set5/results might not exist relative to the directory of execution, or directory Set5/results might be one you do not have permission to write into.
Solved. Thanks so much. I appreciate

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