simscape Induction Motor physical model

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I´m looking for an axample how to build a model with simscape Induction Motor (
I´m trying to build an 3 phase AC motor with an disc on its shaft. Are there any axamples for physical modeling AC motors in simscape?

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Zenin Easa Panthakkalakath
Hello Vitali,
I think the following documentation on simulating an AC Motor Drive can be used as a starting point.
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Vitali Walter
Vitali Walter on 28 Nov 2018
I´ve readen the documentation and still dont have a clue how to use this block. I know how an ASM works, but dont know how to use this block. There are planty of examples for DC motors. Why are there none for this one?

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Vitali Walter
Vitali Walter on 21 Nov 2018


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