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Square of Objective function expression gives an error

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pradeep kumar
pradeep kumar on 11 Nov 2018
Commented: pradeep kumar on 11 Nov 2018
Hi experts, I have just started doing optimization in the problem-based workflow. I refer to this documentation page, in order to formulate my own Non-Linear Objective function.
But when I run the following code,
obj = sum(residual.^2);
It produces the following error.
Undefined operator '.^' for input arguments of type 'optim.problemdef.OptimizationExpression'.
I am using MATLAB R2018a. My actual objective function expression is a bit complicated and I need to understand this error before I proceed further.
Your help will be highly appreciated. Thanks in advance!
pradeep kumar
pradeep kumar on 11 Nov 2018
@ Walter Roberson, Thank you for your response. I will check that out in R2018b.

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