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Simulink Real Time Application File

Asked by AHMET CAGRI ARSLAN on 14 Nov 2018
Latest activity Answered by Pablo Romero on 20 Dec 2018
Hello folks,
Let's say I have a Simulink which includes some key information about my research. To simulate it in real time, I use xPC Target and build a Simulink Real Time Application as *.dlm file and send it to the target computer. Then the target computer gives simulation results. Is that *.dlm file reliable? I mean, if I upload it to Github or somewhere else, can anybody reach my models critical information from the *.dlm file?

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on 21 Nov 2018
The DLM is a binary file (like an EXE). It is not possible to directly get model information from the DLM. However, it may be possibble to view the program assembly using a debugger or a disassembler.

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1 Answer

Answer by Pablo Romero on 20 Dec 2018

Please see answer in the comment above.


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