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The Same Matlab code runs slow on AMD 2990WX-based PC and runs fast (4x times faster) on 8700k-based PC

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Johnny Sun
Johnny Sun on 19 Nov 2018
Answered: Ned Flanders on 15 Nov 2019
My Matlab code (2018a & 2017a) runs very slow (2200 seconds) on AMD 2990WX-based PC (32cores 64threads all cores runs at 3.5GHZ, 64G RAM) and runs fast (600seconds, 3.5x times faster) on Intel 8700k (6cores 12threads at 4.0GHZ, 32GRAM). Please advise on how I can fix it ?
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Christopher Grose
Christopher Grose on 15 Jan 2019
Without showing us your code there is nothing to say. You should also be sure to test what the real per-thread performance differences are using parfors.

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Ned Flanders
Ned Flanders on 15 Nov 2019
This is because the numeric library matlab uses is the Intel MKL Library which, when run on AMD uses SSE instead of AVX2 (although your Threadripper can run AVX2 code).
Its Intels method to keep up the marketshare.
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There is, possibly, a solution

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Viacheslav Klimentyev
Viacheslav Klimentyev on 9 Jan 2019
1. What is about
2. Disable 26 cores on AMD CPU and compare results with Intel at the same number of working cores for bench and your code.

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