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ip camera and image processing with matlab ?

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che adil
che adil on 10 Jul 2012
I have a project on image processing matlab (R2010a) in real time using a camera IP (H.264, Teltonika), so I do not know how it works on matlab to use the images made by the ip cam ? if you have ideas about this...? thank you in advance!

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Walter Roberson
Walter Roberson on 4 Aug 2012
Edited: Walter Roberson on 4 Aug 2012
The MVC-100 EDGE camera supports a few different access modes.
The access mode that you would most like, streaming H.264, is not supported by MATLAB (MATLAB supports H.264 files but not streaming H.264.)
The MVC-100 supports streaming JPEG. I did not study the manual thoroughly (partly because it was clearly missing explaining a few points that would be clearer if one had access to the device), but it appears to me that you can access the JPEG images by access the web server on the MVC-100.
My experience with streaming JPEG suggests that you are going to have a problem if you attempt to urlread() or urlwrite() the page: streaming works by the HTML server continually saying, "What follows has two parts; the first part is a JPEG image, and I'll tell you what the second part is later. And when you get to the later, the HTML server says, "Well this is something that consists of two parts, the first of which is JPEG and I'll tell you what the second part is later." And so on until finally the last image in the stream is sent and the HTML server says, "Okay, here's the final part, and it's empty." With this scheme, urlwrite() or urlread() would have to read through all of the images, because both of them have to read the "complete" web page, and neither of them have a mechanism for the programmer to say "Okay, send me just the next part at the moment".
It is a programming task which certainly can be dealt with, but MATLAB does not (as far as I recall) provide any routine to handle the situation.
The alternative is to arrange for there to be another program on the computer (e.g. an MS Windows process) which receives the H.264 stream and breaks it up into images which MATLAB can read one by one (such as via ActiveX.) I did encounter a person who named a particular MS Windows program for this purpose, but I have not been able to find that posting since.
There is also an ActiveX interface to the camera, but there was no documentation as to what that interface could do, and no documentation about the Methods or the data types involved.

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Alfonso on 13 Apr 2013
Edited: Alfonso on 13 Apr 2013
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