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audio compression (shorten an audio file)

Asked by a a
on 4 Dec 2018
Latest activity Commented on by a a
on 10 Dec 2018
I want to compress an audio file to make it shorter to put in a game for sound effects. I use the following:
t1=0;% start time
t2=2;% end time
The compression is fine and 'soundShort.wav' can play. But command sound(wavread('soundShort.wav')) no longer has any sound, though it's runnable. I wonder what goes wrong.


ok. after further testing, actually sound(y,Fs) has a sound on win10 but doesn't on winXP. what's wrong with winXP on this point?
thank you. after reading it, i still don't know what went wrong for my winxp. on my winxp, 'beep' has a sound while 'sound(beep)' doesn't.

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