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Jia Yu

how to create a black image?

Asked by Jia Yu
on 8 Dec 2018
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on 11 Dec 2018
how can i create a black image, not a gray one?

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thanks for reminding!

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Answer by Cris LaPierre on 8 Dec 2018
Edited by Cris LaPierre on 8 Dec 2018
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Can you use imshow?
If you have to use imagesc, keep in mind that an image has to have values for R, G and B for each pixel. That means you matrix needs to be 256x64x3.
Try using imagesc with this


thank you so much!
You can also create a gray scale image, rather than an RGB color image if you do
img = zeros(256, 64, 'uint8');
Also note that imagesc() does not require a color image. You can pass it a grayscale image. However it, for some weird reason, pseudocolors it. To turn off the colormap, you can apply a colormap of all grays:
grayImage = imread('cameraman.tif'); % Read in a gray scale image.
imagesc(grayImage); % Display it with a funky colormap
colormap(gray(256)); % Turn the colormap off by making it normal gray.

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