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Yu Li

display difference between Matlab plot and Matlab App-Designer

Asked by Yu Li
on 8 Dec 2018
Latest activity Commented on by Yu Li
on 9 Dec 2018
I tried to implement the plotting function to a App-Designer, but I found that the plot display is slightly different:
the first figure below is plot in Maltab using regular functions. the second is what is shown in the App-Designer. the difference is the back ground color not consistently white. I tried to set the background color in App-designer to 'w' but this is what is has. how to handle the rest of it?


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2 Answers

Answer by Cris LaPierre on 8 Dec 2018
 Accepted Answer

I suspect if you rotate the figure in MATLAB, you would see the same behavior.
You haven't set the background color to white. You've set the box color to white (the default color) in both. You can set the background color in app designer by selecting you axes in design view and then, in Axes properties > Color and Transparency Maps, locate the setting for Background Color and set it to what you want it to be (white?).
Incidentally, you can also set box color through a similar process, but go to Axes properties > Box Styling and change the Color property to what you want it to be.


Thanks for your reply. I did not rotat the figure at all
I reproduce the what is shown in the App-designer steps below:
  1. plot
2. add title
3. add colorbar
during these steps I do not do any operation, just pause at each step and make a screenshot.
the result of : app.Cylinder_display.Color
is: [1,1,1]
this indicates white, right?
I appreciate you response.
What is your plot command in app designer?
It seems you missed the part in my previous response that told you how to set the background to white.
I open answer to your question, please see below.

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Answer by Yu Li
on 8 Dec 2018

Thanks for your reply.
in App-Designer, the command is:
trisurf(t, Data(:,1), Data(:,2), Data(:,3), 'CData', Data(:,4), 'EdgeColor', 'none','Parent',app.Cylinder_display);
in normal Matlab, the command is:
trisurf(t, Data(:,1), Data(:,2), Data(:,3), 'CData', Data(:,4), 'EdgeColor', 'none')
you need to download the surface reconstruction toolbox here:
I attached the Data for you to test.
2. the command:
the default color is 'w'
make no change to the backgroud color,
if using: app.Cylinder_display.Color='r', below is the result:


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Yes, I set it to white....
is there any mistake with my operation?
It looks like we have different versions of MATLAB. I am runing 2018b.
You could try to set it programmatically:
app.UIAxes.BackgroundColor = 'w';
Here's what it looks like for me.
Thanks for your reply.
Yes, my version is 2017b. after setting like your suggestion, the problem has been solved, thank you.

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