find char indices (row,column)

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Juan Rosado
Juan Rosado on 12 Jul 2012
I have this html text file which I convert into a character array (38x343 char) using 'char' and I am triying to find the indices of all the lines starting with '<B>' using the command 'find'
So far I have typed this code,
[row,col]=find(strncmpi('outchar', '<B>', 3)) % outchar = variable of char array
but I keep getting empty brackets:
row =
col =
One line of the text file looks like this:
And I want MATLAB to output
row [3 4 5 6 ...] col [1:3 ....] % 1:3 = columns from 1 to 3
What can I type?

Accepted Answer

Jan on 13 Jul 2012
Edited: Walter Roberson on 13 Jul 2012
Variables are not enclosed in quotes:
[row,col] = find(strncmpi(outchar, '<B>', 3))
In opposite to this strncmpi('outchar', '<B>', 3) searches in the string 'outchar', which does not start with '<B>'.
I assume a cell string would be more convenient and efficient than a CHAR matrix.
STRNCMPI replies a logical vector: TRUE if the string matchs, FALSE otherwise. Therefore FIND will give you the wanted row indices, but not the columns "[1:3, ...]".
F. on 13 Jul 2012
I think you should use a cell array like Jan Simon.
After you have the command regexp to give you the position of the first character of your string. With the length, you’ll have your columns.

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