Access to SharePoint data via Matlab

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I'm working in a company where newly developed SW versions, before to be used in production, must be released and approved in a certain SharePoint page.
I would like to automatically check, before my Matlab generated exe software starts, if it has been successfully released and approved in SharePoint. This procedure is necessary to avoid to use old or not released SW.
Is there a (easy) way to get data from SharePoint via Matlab?
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krishna teja
krishna teja on 4 Apr 2021
This is a workaround that helped me - no coding stuff.
I have addedd shortcut of sharepoint library I want in Matlab to my onedrive. Now I can easily access those directories as if they were on my disk. If they are online, it will get downloaded in a while.

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Zenin Easa Panthakkalakath
Hi Zapaiz,
You should be able to use WSDL to communicate between sharepoint and MATLAB. Please have a look into the following documentations.
Christian Binder
Christian Binder on 15 Oct 2020
I agree! An example would be sweet!

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