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Handling Struct and String Arrays in Simulink.

Asked by Ajpaezm on 20 Dec 2018
Latest activity Answered by Walter Roberson
on 20 Dec 2018
Hey guys,
I have a function that has 3 types of outputs:
1) numeric array.
2) string array.
3) struct array.
Is there any possible way in which I can call this function from Simulink and use data from these 3 outputs? Do you have any examples of it? I'd like to know.
Thanks for your time!


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1 Answer

Answer by Walter Roberson
on 20 Dec 2018
 Accepted Answer

There is no way to create a Simulink signal that is a character vector or a string array or a struct array (except for a timeseries.)
Therefore to use that function inside Simulink, you would need to create a MATLAB Function Block that brought in the inputs from non-signal sources as necessary, and then called your function, and disposed of the results in non-signal ways.
The only alternative to this is that you could encode the string array or struct array as numeric signals and pass those around, and then decode them inside a MATLAB Function Block and then call your function and encode the results as numeric signals. For example you could use the fast serialization contribution from the File Exchange. Remember, though, that if you try to do this in continuous time instead of discrete time, that your signals are likely to be interpolated...


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