Error in map.webmap.Canvas

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Marco Gianfelice
Marco Gianfelice on 20 Dec 2018
Edited: Andrey Kiselnikov on 2 Oct 2019
Hello guys!
I have a problem with webmaps and i can't figure out. I tried to call the simple webmap (typing webmap on command Window) but that's what i get:
Undefined function or variable 'setHtmlContextMenuBuilder'.
Error in map.webmap.Canvas
Error in webmap (line 128)
wm = map.webmap.Canvas();
Do you have any idea why i get this?
Thanks you!
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Jonathan Beard
Jonathan Beard on 18 Mar 2019
I'm experiencing this same issue and would appreciat a solution.

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Answers (1)

Andrey Kiselnikov
Andrey Kiselnikov on 2 Oct 2019
Edited: Andrey Kiselnikov on 2 Oct 2019

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