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Alternative command to Shell Escape [!] function

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grega on 23 Dec 2018
Answered: Rik on 23 Dec 2018
Is there alternative to Shell Escape [!] function? The problem is that I cannot asign custom name programatically for execution of external program from Editor, e.g.
todays_data = ['Dec23'];
execute_program = ['myProgram_' todays_data];
I have tried system function, i.e.
but no luck. Thank you for any idea.
grega on 23 Dec 2018
When line system(execute_program) is execuded, the program actually executes but still witin the Matlab. If I close the Matlab, also the executed program closes, whic is bit strange.
I am working in Windows 10.

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Answers (1)

Rik on 23 Dec 2018
On Windows you can use the start keyword to start a command in a separate thread.
Sometimes this doesn't play nice with Matlab, so you might need to write 'start YourFunction.exe' to a bat file and run that with the system command.
Then you can use exit to quit Matlab itself.




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