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Problems with Set path

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Hi there,
I might mis-chose too many subfolders and then the set path GUI seems to be broken. Below is the error message I got:
Could anyone help me with this? Thanks a lot!
Error using narginchk (line 10)
too many input arguments
Error in usejava (line 43)
Error in javachk (line 43)
if ~usejava(requiredLevel)
Error in pathtool (line 11)
error(javachk('swing', mfilename));

Accepted Answer

Walter Roberson
Walter Roberson on 26 Dec 2018
restoredefaultpath and then you can use pathtool again . Any third-party software that has its own narginchk must go at the end and probably needs to be fixed.
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Chia-Hsuan Liao
Chia-Hsuan Liao on 26 Dec 2018
I see. Thank you very much! I really appreciate it. :)

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