steady state error command

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Jason on 30 Mar 2011
Commented: JAMES KEEN on 24 Feb 2021
Is there a command that will give the steady state error of the the response of a transfer function

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Paulo Silva
Paulo Silva on 30 Mar 2011
SP=5; %input value, if you put 1 then is the same as step(sys)
[y,t]=step(SP*sys); %get the response of the system to a step with amplitude SP
sserror=abs(SP-y(end)) %get the steady state error
JAMES KEEN on 24 Feb 2021
@irshad maz I believe it means setpoint i.e. the point of which you want the system response to settles at.

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Mohammad Hosein Forghani
Mohammad Hosein Forghani on 27 Jun 2020

Another approach theoretically would be final value theorem, I might also implement that in MATLAB.

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