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Plotting latitude, longitude,and signal strength

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I have a list of latitude and longitude along with signal strength obtained from mobile towers in a certain region. I have all the data in CSV format. In total, I have 4 CSV files.
How can I plot that data in MATLAB?
As a range of signal strength will be shown by different colour and other range will be shown in different colour.
Bob Thompson
Bob Thompson on 8 Jan 2019
For a color variance like that I would suggest looking into contour().
Simran Sandhu
Simran Sandhu on 8 Jan 2019
Edited: Simran Sandhu on 8 Jan 2019
Okay thank you, i will look into that function,,basically I want to show difference in signal strength with respect to different lat and long

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Accepted Answer

KSSV on 9 Jan 2019
Read about pcolor, surf, scatter, conourf. All these can be used to plot what you want.
The below link shows the possible plots which can be obtained from MATLAB. YOu can have a look on the link, it has a plot and respective code from which you can learn.
KSSV on 9 Jan 2019
Edited: KSSV on 9 Jan 2019
To use contour you should be having a matrix data. With your data..this is what I can get:
[num,txt,raw] = xlsread('powerlevel.csv') ;
lat = num(:,1) ;
lon = num(:,2) ;
val = num(:,3) ;
scatter(lon,lat,10,val,'filled') ; colorbar
m = 100 ;
x = linspace(min(lon),max(lon),m) ;
y = linspace(min(lat),max(lat),m) ;
[X,Y] = meshgrid(x,y) ;
Z = griddata(lon,lat,val,X,Y) ;
contour(X,Y,Z) ;
Simran Sandhu
Simran Sandhu on 9 Jan 2019
Okay thank you so much,, will try to modify it as much as i can.
Thank you.

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Jacob Halbrooks
Jacob Halbrooks on 3 Apr 2020
A new feature is available in R2020a to support importing and visualizing propagation data like this. The feature is available in Communications Toolbox and Antenna Toolbox and supports table-based files or data which contains latitude, longitude, and corresponding values like signal strength. You can learn about the feature here, and below is an example contour map that you can create with it:


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