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How to implement optimal control using Pontryagin's Minimum Principle for HESS in EV application as in attached paper?

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Praveen Kumar
Praveen Kumar on 18 Jan 2019
Commented: NADA RIFAI on 16 Sep 2020
I am trying to implement a paper based on optimal control of energy management of HESS in EV. It's based on Pontryagin's Minimum Principle using Hamiltonian, state and costate equations. How to simulate this? Is it better to use matlab m file or simulink?
Please find the paper attached.


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Stephan on 18 Jan 2019
Edited: Stephan on 18 Jan 2019
there are some examples here on answers, where people used Matlab with Symbolic Math Toolbox to solve this kind of problems. I do not remember Simulink modesl in this context - but maybe there are some. A newer example using Matlab with a working code you can find here:
Best regards


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NADA RIFAI on 16 Sep 2020
My problem is similar to yours, except that I have inequality constraints.
You can find the problem in the attached document.
Thank you very much.
Praveen Kumar
Praveen Kumar on 16 Sep 2020
Yea, I have seen Hemi's work. He has implemented in Simulink while I used m-code. I think these inequality constrains can be implemented in sameway I discussed in last answer.
Suppose, when you calculate the state variables for next instant or at any instant based on the control variable, if it violates any constraints you may use the next higher or lower value of control variable.
Eg: For a particular instant, from minimization of H you found that the optimal battery current Ib = 8A, but if you discharge with 8A then your SOC will go below 0.2 (lower limit). So in such case instead of 8A choose another value maybe 6 or 7A so that SOC limits are not violated. So choosing that current from the available control candidates must be justified.
Hope this helps, as this solved some of the problems. Even I am still working on the problem with constraints, but not solved it efficiently.
You may contact Hemi via Linkedin as he is very helpful (he sent me his thesis) or drop me an email so that I can send his thesis (but in French).

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