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Up and down counter

Asked by shayan
on 19 Jul 2012
Latest activity Commented on by Lokesh Bugata on 14 Jul 2018
Hi All:
I am using Simulink, In which I need to count Up and Down depending upon the input values.
Can anyone help me out that is their any way to internallay switch the counter from counting Up to Down or from Down to Up. Or is heir any way to provide the Initial value to the counter from out side the counter block.
If not possible then what should be the ulternate to such sort of problem.

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on 19 Jul 2012
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2 Answers

Answer by C.J. Harris on 19 Jul 2012

I would suggest using either an integrator block with external initial conditions and a switched input, or design a Stateflow block to do this by having a 'CountUp' and a 'CountDown' state.


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Answer by Lokesh Bugata on 14 Jul 2018

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Try this you will get the up down counter output

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