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how to run nested for loop efficiently on 3d matrix ?

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Vinny on 23 Jan 2019
Commented: Jan on 23 Jan 2019
I have a big 3d matrix of size (2000,700,300) for which I want to run a nested for loop on .
the loop will be spatially only, meaning i goes 1:2000 and j 1:700 , pixel by pixel.
the thing is , it takes a very very long time.
is there a way to speed this up? I have tried parfor but it only makes it slower ...
i have a strong gpu if that helps.
also , I thought of using functions like nlfilter or blockproc , but they only take a picture of 1 or 3 dimensions as an argument.


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Matt J
Matt J on 23 Jan 2019
We really need a lot clearer an explanation. What is a "band"? What is the "window parameter"? Are you extracting some 3D sliding NxNxN neighborhood around each pixel? What calculations are done on the pixels within that neighborhood?
Jan on 23 Jan 2019
@Vinny: Please post your code. How can the readers suggest an improvement without seeing the current state?

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