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is paddedsize the matlab command?

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Halil arifoglu
Halil arifoglu on 20 Jul 2012
Answered: shafaq nisar on 25 Nov 2016
Dear Sir, is "paddedsize" a matlab command. If The answer is okey, What is the command used for?
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Halil arifoglu
Halil arifoglu on 21 Sep 2013
Dear Sajid Khan, I have not send the question to you about the answer.
sincerely Prof.Dr.Uğıur Arifoglu

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Accepted Answer

Sajid Khan
Sajid Khan on 21 Sep 2013
Edited: Walter Roberson on 16 Nov 2016
isn't a matlab command, it's a function which was propsed by gonzalez in his book "Image Processing using Matlab", the source code of it is given below
function PQ = paddedsize(AB, CD, PARAM)
%PADDEDSIZE Computes padded sizes useful for FFT-based filtering.
% PQ = PADDEDSIZE(AB), where AB is a two-element size vector, computes the
% two-element size vecter PQ = 2*AB.
% PQ = PADDEDSIZE(AB, 'PWR2') computes the vector PQ such that PQ(1) =
% PQ(2) = 2^nextpow2(2*m), where m is MAX(AB).
% PQ = PADDEDSIZE(AB, CD), where AB and CD are two-element size vectors,
% computes the two-element size vector PQ. The elements of PQ are the
% smallest even integers greater than or equal to AB + CD -1.
% PQ = PADDEDSIZE(AB, CD, 'PWR2') computes the vector PQ such that PQ(1) =
% PQ(2) = 2^nextpow2(2*m), where m is MAX([AB CD]).
% Function rewritten from Gonzalez, Woods, Eddins; Digital Image Processing using Matlab
% Prentice Hall, 2004
if nargin ==1
PQ = 2*AB;
elseif nargin == 2 & ~ischar(CD)
PQ = AB +CD -1;
PQ = 2*ceil(PQ/2);
elseif nargin ==2
m= max(AB); %Maximum dimension
%Find power-of-2 at least twice m.
P = 2^nextpow2(2*m);
PQ = [P, P];
elseif nargin == 3
m=max([AB CD]); % Maximum dimension.
P = 2^nextpow2(2*m);
PQ = [P, P];
error('Wrong number of inputs')

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Jan on 20 Jul 2012
Edited: Jan on 20 Jul 2012
You can simply try it:
help paddedsize
doc paddedsize
which paddedsize -all % [EDITED, thanks Daniel]
If Matlab tells, that the command cannot be found, it is not available.
If the function is published in the FileExchange, searching there would help. Otherwise asking your favorite search engine for "Matlab paddedsize" is promissing.
Jan on 20 Jul 2012
lookfor searchs the H1-lines. While Matlab's built-in commands repeate the name of a function in the H1-line, I do not think that this is really useful. docsearch has much more power. And especially the submissions in the FEX support H1-lines partially only.

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Walter Roberson
Walter Roberson on 20 Jul 2012
No, paddedsize() is not a MATLAB command. It could be the name of a third-party routine.

Nor Kandir
Nor Kandir on 16 Nov 2016
i dont understand
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Jan on 16 Nov 2016
You do not understand what?

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