Rotating Earth with moving body plot in real-time

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I'm trying to plot a real-time simulation of a body moving across the Earths surface. I currently have the individual components working, i.e. a moving body, and a rotating Earth and I've even managed to plot the final products of each with one another, however, when I try to combine the two and plot the slowly rotating and moving pieces all together I get a range of errors, most stemming from the "getframe" command. So far here is my code
%% Sim time
[t,dt] = simTime('dt',1,'tf',82800);
%% Earth Parameters
Re = 6378137; %Radius of the Earths equator.
Rp = 6356752; %Radius of Earth between poles.
%% Initial Position
latitude = 51.5074*pi/180 ;
longitude = -0.1278*pi/180;
altitude = 1e5;
[Xs,Ys,Zs] = initialPos(latitude,longitude,altitude);
% Movement of surface reference
longdot = 7.192250e-5;
latdot = 0;
altdot = 0;
%% Earth initialization
for i=1:size(t,2)-1
latitude(i+1,1) = eulerint(latitude(i,1),latdot,dt);
longitude(i+1,1) = eulerint(longitude(i,1),longdot,dt);
altitude(i+1,1) = eulerint(altitude(i,1),altdot,dt);
[Xs(i+1,1),Ys(i+1,1),Zs(i+1,1)] = initialPos(latitude(i+1,1),longitude(i+1,1),altitude(i+1,1));
figure('Name','Earth Positions','NumberTitle',1)
globe = surf(X*Re,Y*Re,-Z*Rp);
cdata = imread('');
set(globe, 'FaceColor', 'texturemap', 'CData', cdata, 'EdgeColor', 'none');
set(gca, 'visible', 'off')
axis equal

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