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How to find first non repeated (unique) character in a string?

Asked by Sam Accura on 14 Feb 2019
Latest activity Commented on by Sam Accura on 14 Feb 2019
I have already tried to find a Matlab function for this but doesnt seem to be one apart from 'unique' which only eliminates duplicates. Any ideas for code on how to do this?
For example, an input of 'hello' would return h or an input of 'radar' would return d.
The unique characters in 'hello' are h,e and o with h being the first in line
The unique character in 'radar' is only d and so this would also be the first
Any help would be appreciated


please illustrate with an example
Example added to question - thank you

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2 Answers

Answer by madhan ravi
on 14 Feb 2019
 Accepted Answer

u=unique(s,'stable'); % where s is your input

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Thank you very much - very helpful.

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Answer by Andrei Bobrov
on 14 Feb 2019

z = 'hello';
[a,~,c] = unique(z,'stable');
out = a(find(accumarray(c,1) == 1,1));


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