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matlab function generator output

I am trying to write a function that calculates power output of a generator fulfilling constraints.
Ouput = (lambda - b)/2r if Pg_min <= (lambda - b)/2r <= Pg_max
output = Pg_min if (lambda - b)/2r <= Pg_min
output = Pg_max if (lambda - b)/2r <= Pg_max


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Answer by Mark Sherstan on 14 Feb 2019
 Accepted Answer

You can define some of the variables in the function to reduce the inputs but this should get you started. I would also double check your <= and >= I dont think they make sense.
function [out] = powerOutput(lambda,Pg_min,Pg_max,b,r)
condition = (lambda - b) / (2*r);
if (Pg_min <= condition) && (condition <= Pg_max)
out = (lambda - b) / (2*r);
elseif condition <= Pg_min
out = Pg_min;
elseif condition <= Pg_max
out = Pg_max;
error('Conditions not met');

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Thank you so much, I've got 1 more problem if you are willing to help. I want to write a function for lagrange lambda with the equation below
lambda(i)(k+1) = Sum( Aij*lambda(j)(k)) + Kp*2r(i)*P(i)(k))
where aij is a matrix
lambda updates every step
Thank you for the help

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