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Weight values from "importCaffeNetwork"

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Mario Ferreira
Mario Ferreira on 15 Feb 2019
Answered: Don Mathis on 15 Feb 2019
When running the code snippet for the function "importCaffeNetwork" provided by Matlab 2018b Help, the output is a variable of type "SeriesNetwork with properties: Layers: [7×1 nnet.cnn.layer.Layer]". This variable is similar to the output of the function "importCaffeLayers". Where are the weight values stored? As a .caffemodel file is given to "importCaffeNetwork", it would be expected to obtain the weight values from a pretrained network.
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Accepted Answer

Don Mathis
Don Mathis on 15 Feb 2019
The weights are stored in the layers themselves. For example:
>> network.Layers(5)
ans =
FullyConnectedLayer with properties:
Name: 'ip1'
InputSize: 2880
OutputSize: 10
Learnable Parameters
Weights: [10×2880 single]
Bias: [10×1 single]

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