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Deploy Algorithm on the Raspberry Pi Hardware

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Ashwini Patil
Ashwini Patil on 18 Feb 2019
Answered: Meeshawn Marathe on 20 Sep 2019
using R2017b version and get the error for creating configuration object for hardware
received error
undefined function or variable targetHardwa

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Meeshawn Marathe
Meeshawn Marathe on 20 Sep 2019
The function 'targetHardware' is available under the MATLAB Support Package for Raspberry Pi from version R2018b onwards. Since currently you have R2017b installed, you will need to upgrade to the R2018b or later versions of MATLAB in order to use the function.
Alternatively, you can use the function "runOnHardware", which is a file exchange submission. For more information on this, please visit the following page:




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