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Ansh on 19 Feb 2019
Commented: Ansh on 2 Apr 2019
So I have large number of .fig in a certain file directory. I'd like to save/convert all of them to .eps (I need high quality plots for publication). Is there anyway to do this without having to manually open every single .fig file and save it to a file with the same name but in .eps format? Preferably all the .eps files will be saved in a new folder called 'eps'.
Thanks a lot for your help guys!

Accepted Answer

Sajeer Modavan
Sajeer Modavan on 20 Mar 2019
clc;clear;close all
%% creating fig files (this not required for you)
for ii = 1:10
fig1m = figure;
plot(1:100,randi([0 100],100,1))
saveas(fig1m,['Figure_' num2str(ii) '.fig'])
close all
%% Opening existing fig files and save to eps file (This is what you need)
for ii = 1:10
fig_i = open(['Figure_' num2str(ii) '.fig']);
saveas(fig_i,['Figure_' num2str(ii) '.eps'],'epsc')
close all
Ansh on 2 Apr 2019
Thanks for your help, I created my own solution which was basically this anyway. I have now accepted your answer.

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