How can I change the font size of the toolbars at the top of the matlab window?

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Grant Schmick
Grant Schmick on 21 Feb 2019
Commented: Amal Joy on 14 Jul 2020
I tried the Preferences/Font which changes other areas, but not the toolbars. My colleague has done it but doesn't remember how.

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Grant Schmick
Grant Schmick on 25 Feb 2019
Thanks again Asad (sorry for the previous misspelling), but I actually got a fix from my colleage before I saw this (It may be the same as the last two in the link you gave:
>> s = settings;s.matlab.desktop.DisplayScaleFactor
ans =
Setting 'matlab.desktop.DisplayScaleFactor' with properties:
ActiveValue: 1
TemporaryValue: <no value>
PersonalValue: 1
FactoryValue: 1
>> s.matlab.desktop.DisplayScaleFactor.PersonalValue = 1.6
s =
SettingsGroup with properties:
mldrivetripwireaccess: [1×1 SettingsGroup]
matlab: [1×1 SettingsGroup]
This worked fine, and all within MATLAB; no mucking around with linux.

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Asad Mirza
Asad Mirza on 22 Feb 2019
Edited: Asad Mirza on 22 Feb 2019
There are a couple things you could try
  1. Right-click on MATLAB icon and select properties
  2. Select Compatibility tab
  3. Select Change High DPI settings
  4. Check Program DPI
  5. In High DPI scaling override, check the box and chose System (Enhanced)
For me this setting makes the MATLAB text crisper and easier to read on my high DPI screen.
If that does not help you can also go to Open Advanced Scale Settings in the Change High DPI Settings and set your scale to anywhere from 100%-500%. On my computer what this does is increase the overall size of everything in the MATLAB interface as well as the rest of Windows.

Grant Schmick
Grant Schmick on 22 Feb 2019
Thank you, Azad. Next question: How do I get a MATLAB icon (I assume you mean a launch icon)? I didn't get one upon installation, either on the desktop or the Applications menu. I'm running Ubuntu 16.04 / Ubuntu MATE 1.12.1. I run matlab from the terminal. Thanks.
Asad Mirza
Asad Mirza on 25 Feb 2019
The linux option doesnt rely on icon settings I think. Unfortunately, I do not have any further knowledge I could provide you with about this.

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