what is wrong with my function

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here is the Question that I want to Answre:
(Write a function called tri_area that returns the area of a triangle with base b and height h, where b and h are input arguments of the function in that order.)
function area = tri_area(b,h)
area = b*h;
Francisco Moto
Francisco Moto on 19 Jan 2021
the area of a triangle is 0.5*b*h not b*h

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Accepted Answer

Sanket Dahat
Sanket Dahat on 1 Dec 2019
function area=tri_area(b,h)

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Stephan on 25 Feb 2019
You calculate the area of a rectangle. Think about the formula of triangle area...

Muhammad Haris Anwar
Muhammad Haris Anwar on 3 Mar 2020
function area = tri_area(b,h)

Mrinal kant Priyadarshi
Mrinal kant Priyadarshi on 3 May 2020
Edited: Mrinal kant Priyadarshi on 3 May 2020
function area= tri_area(b,h)
tri_area(b,h)= (0.5)*(b)*(h)
area= tri_area(b,h)
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Walter Roberson
Walter Roberson on 3 May 2020
If b and h happen to be positive integers, then the assignment on the first line would work, creating an array that is b rows high and h columns, with all the values set to 0 except for the very bottom corner that would be set to (0.5)*(b)*(h) . You would then retrieve that location to create the output. This seems a bit of a waste to create that array.
If either b or h is not a positive integer, such as if b were 2.5 and h were 5, then the assignment on your second line would fail.
You have confused arrays and formulas. In MATLAB, you create formulas using @, such as
function area= tri_area(b,h)
TA = @(b,h) (0.5)*(b)*(h);
area = TA(b,h);

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