Matlab not recognizing cuda driver 5

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Jose Daniel Lara
Jose Daniel Lara on 28 Jul 2012
I have just updated my cuda driver on my Mac with Mountain Lion and now the GPU computing is not working.
Matlab shows the following error
Error using gpuDevice (line 26)
No supported GPU device was found on this computer. To learn more about
supported GPU devices, see
I tried to rollback to the 4.2.10 driver and it didn't work either, keeps showing the same error.

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Jason Ross
Jason Ross on 2 Aug 2012
Edited: Jason Ross on 2 Aug 2012
Hello Jose,
I'm curious about a few things:
  • What Mac are you using?
  • Which GPU are you using?
  • Was this working with the 4.2.10 driver with Mountain Lion, or was that driver working with Lion (which I assume was your previous OS), and you upgraded both as part of the update?
  • What MATLAB version are you running?
  • Have you installed Java and XQuartz?
FWIW, to roll back the driver on Mac, you may need to open the driver package and run each part of the driver install manually. IIRC with the CUDA driver there are three separate packages inside. The OS will ask you if you really want to roll back to a previous version.

Jos Martin
Jos Martin on 15 Aug 2012
There appears to be an interaction between "automatic graphics switching" in Mountain Lion and the underlying NVIDIA drivers. Could you try disabling the automatic graphics switching, rebooting the machine and trying again?
You will find "automatic graphics switching" under ...
System Preferences -> Energy Saver -> tick box "Automatic Graphics Switching"
Make sure that the above tick box is not ticked.

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