How to create a table name using a string variable?

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How can I use a string variable for a table name?
T = 'ThisShouldBeMyTableName';
VariableNames = {'StartCash','EndDate'};
T = table(input_values.StartCash, input_values.EndDate, 'VariableNames',VariableNames);
The table which is create should be named "ThisShouldBeMyTableName" not "T".
Thank you
Walter Roberson
Walter Roberson on 3 Jun 2020
Mustafa Calcuttawala: please read the material at the link that Stephen posted. It shows a number of different possibilities.

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Accepted Answer

Gabor on 4 Mar 2019
I guess I will just use a cell which I will be store the the variable for the "name that should be" and the table itself too...
Thank you
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Steven Lord
Steven Lord on 4 Mar 2019
Or you could create a struct array with one field that contains your table and name that field using either the struct function or dynamic field names.
thefield = 'snowstorm';
data = magic(4);
structOfTables = struct(thefield, data)
structOfTables2.(thefield) = data

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Walter Roberson
Walter Roberson on 4 Mar 2019

Gabor on 8 Mar 2019
Thank you all


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