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How do i write this script in anonymous function

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Jaeyoung Lee
Jaeyoung Lee on 7 Mar 2019
Edited: Guillaume on 8 Mar 2019
disp('This program convert Celsius to Fahrenheit');
val = input('Type 1 for Celcius to Farenheit and Type 2 for vice versa: ');
switch val
case 1
Celsius=input('Write a temperature in Celsius and you''ll have the result in Fahrenheit: ');
disp([ 'x = ' num2str(Celsius) ' Celcius and y = ' num2str(Celsius*1.8+32) ' Fahrenheit']);
case 2
Faren=input('Write a temperature in Farenheit and you''ll have the result in Celcius: ');
disp([ 'x = ' num2str(Faren) ' Fahrenheit and y = ' num2str((Faren-32)/1.8) ' Celcius ' ]);


Alex Mcaulley
Alex Mcaulley on 8 Mar 2019
What do you want exactly? I think you don't need an anonymous function for this simple script
Guillaume on 8 Mar 2019
An explanation of this odd request is indeed needed. Why does it need to be an anonymous function? Why can't it be a normal function or a local function or a nested function?
Bearing in mind that strictly speaking, it's impossible to convert this script into an anonymous function since anonymous functions in matlab can only consist of a single non-branching, non-assigning statement.

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Omer Yasin Birey
Omer Yasin Birey on 8 Mar 2019
Edited: Omer Yasin Birey on 8 Mar 2019
Hi Jaeyoung, as Alex said you probably don't need anonymous function for this script and it won't make the code much shorter. But you can use this one below.
disp('Type 1 for Celcius to Fahrenheit, Type 2 for vice versa');
x = inputdlg({'Celcius or Fahrenheit','Temperature'},...
'Converter',[1 60; 1 35]);
converter = {@(celcius) num2str(celcius*1.8+32);
@(fahren) num2str((fahren-32)/1.8);


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