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how to solve undefined function nlmpc?

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Taleb Bou Hamdan
Taleb Bou Hamdan on 11 Mar 2019
Answered: Saumya Goel on 20 Mar 2019
dI am trying to model a nonlinear model predictive control and tthe following error occurs:
>> nlobj=nlmpc(nx,nu,nu);
Undefined function or variable 'nlmpc'.
how can i download this function?
Taleb Bou Hamdan
Taleb Bou Hamdan on 11 Mar 2019
MATLAB Version 9.4 (R2018a)
Simulink Version 9.1 (R2018a)
Aerospace Blockset Version 3.21 (R2018a)
Aerospace Toolbox Version 2.21 (R2018a)
Antenna Toolbox Version 3.1 (R2018a)
Audio System Toolbox Version 1.4 (R2018a)
Automated Driving System Toolbox Version 1.2 (R2018a)
Bioinformatics Toolbox Version 4.10 (R2018a)
Communications System Toolbox Version 6.6 (R2018a)
Computer Vision System Toolbox Version 8.1 (R2018a)
Control System Toolbox Version 10.4 (R2018a)
Curve Fitting Toolbox Version 3.5.7 (R2018a)
DO Qualification Kit Version 3.5 (R2018a)
DSP System Toolbox Version 9.6 (R2018a)
Data Acquisition Toolbox Version 3.13 (R2018a)
Database Toolbox Version 8.1 (R2018a)
Datafeed Toolbox Version 5.7 (R2018a)
Econometrics Toolbox Version 5.0 (R2018a)
Embedded Coder Version 7.0 (R2018a)
Filter Design HDL Coder Version 3.1.3 (R2018a)
Financial Instruments Toolbox Version 2.7 (R2018a)
Financial Toolbox Version 5.11 (R2018a)
Fixed-Point Designer Version 6.1 (R2018a)
Fuzzy Logic Toolbox Version 2.3.1 (R2018a)
GPU Coder Version 1.1 (R2018a)
Global Optimization Toolbox Version 3.4.4 (R2018a)
HDL Coder Version 3.12 (R2018a)
HDL Verifier Version 5.4 (R2018a)
IEC Certification Kit Version 3.11 (R2018a)
Image Acquisition Toolbox Version 5.4 (R2018a)
Image Processing Toolbox Version 10.2 (R2018a)
Instrument Control Toolbox Version 3.13 (R2018a)
LTE HDL Toolbox Version 1.1 (R2018a)
LTE System Toolbox Version 2.6 (R2018a)
MATLAB Coder Version 4.0 (R2018a)
MATLAB Compiler Version 6.6 (R2018a)
MATLAB Compiler SDK Version 6.5 (R2018a)
MATLAB Distributed Computing Server Version 6.12 (R2018a)
MATLAB Report Generator Version 5.4 (R2018a)
Mapping Toolbox Version 4.6 (R2018a)
Model Predictive Control Toolbox Version 6.1 (R2018a)
Model-Based Calibration Toolbox Version 5.4 (R2018a)
Neural Network Toolbox Version 11.1 (R2018a)
OPC Toolbox Version 4.0.5 (R2018a)
Optimization Toolbox Version 8.1 (R2018a)
Parallel Computing Toolbox Version 6.12 (R2018a)
Partial Differential Equation Toolbox Version 3.0 (R2018a)
Phased Array System Toolbox Version 3.6 (R2018a)
Polyspace Bug Finder Version 2.5 (R2018a)
Polyspace Code Prover Version 9.9 (R2018a)
Powertrain Blockset Version 1.3 (R2018a)
Predictive Maintenance Toolbox Version 1.0 (R2018a)
RF Blockset Version 7.0 (R2018a)
RF Toolbox Version 3.4 (R2018a)
Risk Management Toolbox Version 1.3 (R2018a)
Robotics System Toolbox Version 2.0 (R2018a)
Robust Control Toolbox Version 6.4.1 (R2018a)
Signal Processing Toolbox Version 8.0 (R2018a)
SimBiology Version 5.8 (R2018a)
SimEvents Version 5.4 (R2018a)
Simscape Version 4.4 (R2018a)
Simscape Driveline Version 2.14 (R2018a)
Simscape Electronics Version 2.13 (R2018a)
Simscape Fluids Version 2.4 (R2018a)
Simscape Multibody Version 5.2 (R2018a)
Simscape Power Systems Version 6.9 (R2018a)
Simulink 3D Animation Version 8.0 (R2018a)
Simulink Check Version 4.1 (R2018a)
Simulink Code Inspector Version 3.2 (R2018a)
Simulink Coder Version 8.14 (R2018a)
Simulink Control Design Version 5.1 (R2018a)
Simulink Coverage Version 4.1 (R2018a)
Simulink Design Optimization Version 3.4 (R2018a)
Simulink Design Verifier Version 3.5 (R2018a)
Simulink Desktop Real-Time Version 5.6 (R2018a)
Simulink PLC Coder Version 2.5 (R2018a)
Simulink Real-Time Version 6.8 (R2018a)
Simulink Report Generator Version 5.4 (R2018a)
Simulink Requirements Version 1.1 (R2018a)
Simulink Test Version 2.4 (R2018a)
Spreadsheet Link Version 3.3.3 (R2018a)
Stateflow Version 9.1 (R2018a)
Statistics and Machine Learning Toolbox Version 11.3 (R2018a)
Symbolic Math Toolbox Version 8.1 (R2018a)
System Identification Toolbox Version 9.8 (R2018a)
Text Analytics Toolbox Version 1.1 (R2018a)
Trading Toolbox Version 3.4 (R2018a)
Vehicle Dynamics Blockset Version 1.0 (R2018a)
Vehicle Network Toolbox Version 4.0 (R2018a)
Vision HDL Toolbox Version 1.6 (R2018a)
WLAN System Toolbox Version 1.5 (R2018a)
Wavelet Toolbox Version 5.0 (R2018a)
Torsten on 11 Mar 2019
nlmpc was introduced in R2018b.

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Answers (1)

Saumya Goel
Saumya Goel on 20 Mar 2019
As per the "ver" output, you are using MATLAB R2018a, and the Nonlinear model predictive controller function -"nlpmc" was introduced in MATLAB R2018b. For more details you can refer to this link: Nonlinear model predictive controller




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