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Generating a list of Simulink model's IOs

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I have a very large Simulink model with a lot of inputs and outputs. Is there a way to generate a list of all these input and output names? Right now I generate C-code and copy the data structures that are created and import that into an excel spreadsheet. I'd like to be able to run a function of some sort that automatically creates this list.
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Astik Sachan
Astik Sachan on 14 Mar 2019
Can you share the Dummy Model and sort of Excel File you need ?
Vincent Nicolazzo
Vincent Nicolazzo on 14 Mar 2019
I attached a dummy model. But I'd like to have a list of the inputs and outputs, does not need to be in excel. This is for documention purposes. It will be used for writing adtional code that accesses the model strucutre in C. I don't want to keep referring to the model to see what inputs and outputs I have. I'd like to get a list like below:

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Accepted Answer

Pruthvi Raj Gampalwar
Pruthvi Raj Gampalwar on 14 Mar 2019
% Finding the Inputs
Inports_path = find_system('DummyModel','BlockType','Inport');
Inputs = get_param(Inports_path,'Name');
% Finding the Outports
Outports_path = find_system('DummyModel','BlockType','Outport');
Outputs = get_param(Outports_path,'Name');
% Writing into Excel sheet.
xlswrite('Inports_outports.xlsx',[{'Inputs'} {'Outputs'}],1,'A1');
Run the above script and you get a list of inputs in inputs and outputs in outputs.


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