How can I identify all the changes to the configuration set between two different versions of Simulink?

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Rob Graessle
Rob Graessle on 12 Jan 2011
I would like to know what changes have been made to the configuration set in Simulink between the version I am on and the most recent release. While the release notes do mention the changes in the configuration set for the current release, it is going to be cumbersome to identify changes between any two non-subsequent releases.

Accepted Answer

MarkB on 21 Jan 2011
I would recommend using the Config Set Printer available on MATLAB Central ( to print out a text version of the model's configuration parameters:
  1. Run it once on a model in the old release and save the results to a text file
  2. Run it again on the same model in a newer release and save those results to a text file.
  3. Then use MATLAB to perform a comparison of the two text files to see what is different (This should be available if you right-click on a file in the MATLAB file browser).

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