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How do I sort an array by only one column?

Asked by Ewan Harris on 17 Mar 2019
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on 18 Mar 2019
Accepted Answer by dpb
I have an array with the first column being x-coordinate, the second column being y-coordinate and then the next few columns being different values. I've used an if function so that all the y-coordinates are the same in the array but I then want to sort by x-coordinate (so my plot(x,y) is in order rather than jumping all over the place). The problem is that when I use the sort() function, it orders all my other columns too so the data is no longer associated with the correct coordinate.
Annotation 2019-03-17 123107.jpg
This is a copy of the data unsorted.
Annotation 2019-03-17 123143.jpg
This is after I've used the sort function. It also sorts column 3 which I don't want to happen. I want the 58.6480 value (column 3) to remain in the same row as the 20 value from column 1.


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1 Answer

Answer by dpb
on 17 Mar 2019
 Accepted Answer

doc sortrows
% ALWAYS read "See Also" when looking for related functions!!!
>> help sort
sort Sort in ascending or descending order.
B = sort(A) sorts in ascending order.
See also issorted, sortrows, min, max, mink, maxk.


+1, Yes I reread it, now its clear. Thank you dpb :), sorry for the inconvenience.
'S ok...we all have our moments... :) I certainly "whiff" often enough.

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