How to separate detected face region from face image?

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Jaanu on 3 Aug 2012
to detect face region. it is nicely giving detected face region. but i need to separate that detected region. is there any way to separate that square which include face region.

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Sumit Tandon
Sumit Tandon on 3 Aug 2012
I am assuming that you are using the STEP method of VISION.CASCADEOBJECTDETECTOR that returns a bounding box.
You could just use the bounding box data to crop out the face from the image.
For example, if I is the RGB image and bounding box is [x,y,w,h], you could do:
croppedFace = I(x:x+w, y-h:y,:);
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Jaanu on 3 Aug 2012
Actually I used this following link detector where i am confusing how to relate this bounding box [x,y,w,h].

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