Simulink and COM (Component Object Model)

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Hello all,
I know that MATLAB can utilize COM and acts as server or client. What I want to know is, whether a direct interface between Simulink and COM possible is. If not, maybe it can communicate with COM via MATLAB interface.
Any idea?

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Fangjun Jiang
Fangjun Jiang on 1 Apr 2011
Simulink has to be run in Matlab. Everything you do in Simulink can be done with a command in Matlab. So, I think there is no direct interface between Simulink and COM. It has to be done through Matlab.
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Wan Nawi
Wan Nawi on 4 Apr 2011
To interface MATLAB and COM, I use a MATLAB function. Is it possible to integrate the function in Simulink using S-Function?
My target is to have Simulink outputs the data in real time to COM

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MarkB on 1 Apr 2011
Fangjun is correct, you can only interface MATLAB through COM, but you can control Simulink from MATLAB, which could be enough. The "open_system" and "close_system" will let you open and close model files, and the "sim" command will run them. In addition to this, the Configuration Parameters' "Import/Export" tab lets you control how/if the model's inports and outports read and write to the MATLAB workspace.
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Wan Nawi
Wan Nawi on 1 Apr 2011
Thanks very much. Will look into that solution.

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