Arduino code to Simulink

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Thibault Ghyselen
Thibault Ghyselen on 29 Mar 2019
Answered: Pradeep KS on 10 Apr 2019
For school I need to read a sensor.
After some work I'm capable to read this with arduino. Is it possible to convert this code to a working Simulink model?
Thibault Ghyselen
Thibault Ghyselen on 29 Mar 2019
The code that I need to convert is the following:
I've downloaded the simulink support package for Arduino Hardware.

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Answers (1)

Pradeep KS
Pradeep KS on 10 Apr 2019
There are two approaches depending on the Sensor complexity.
1st approach:
If I2C communication with the sensor is less complex, you can follow the below mentioned example to replicate the same implementation for Xsens IMU sensor.
Create a Simulink model with Arduino I2C blocks to read the data from the sensor.
2nd approach:
If the C/C++ library is already available, you can wrap the library into a Simulink Device driver block by following the below guide.




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