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error in heat transfer example

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cgenes on 4 Apr 2019
Commented: cgenes on 8 Apr 2019
Hi when working through the example
I get an error on this line
Error using pde.ThermalMaterialAssignment/checkCoefFcnHdlArgCounts (line 368)
Function specifying a material property must accept 2
input arguments and return 1 output argument.
Error in pde.ThermalMaterialAssignment/checkFcnHdlArgCounts (line 203)
self.checkCoefFcnHdlArgCounts(self.ThermalConductivity, systemsize, ndims);
Error in pde.ThermalMaterialAssignment (line 84)
self.checkFcnHdlArgCounts(systemsize, numdims);
Error in pde.ThermalModel/thermalProperties (line 110)
mtl = pde.ThermalMaterialAssignment(mtlContainer,argsToPass{:});
Is that just me and my verison of matlab vs2018?

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Ravi Kumar
Ravi Kumar on 5 Apr 2019
Hi Charlie,
What version of MATLAB are you running R2018a or R2018b. In any case, you should not see this error if you run the example without any modification.
Are you modifying the kFunc is someway?
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cgenes on 8 Apr 2019
yes i'm not sure what i was doing rong but it works now thanks

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