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How to use the Assignment block?

Asked by Vinayak Kamat on 12 Apr 2019
Latest activity Answered by Mark McBroom on 15 Apr 2019
Hi guys,
I have been trying to replace the blocks used in the right half part of the snip shown below with the Assignment block. But I am not sure of how to use the initialisation input signal(Y0) to this block, as my input and the initialisation in this case seem to be the same.
Thanks in advance for your response.


madhan ravi
on 12 Apr 2019
Which is y0 ? What are you trying to do? More description needed.
y0 is the initialisation input signal in the Simulink Assignment block.
To be precise, the signal I receive after the product block has to be routed to the one of the two outputs either CW or ACW outports as seen in the snip. If the output from the product block is >0, the signal must be routed to CW outport, otherwise to the ACW outport.

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1 Answer

Answer by Mark McBroom on 15 Apr 2019

I thing the proper modeling pattern for this case would be an "If Subsystem" connected to two "If-Action" subsystems. If condition is true, one subsystem will be activated which will write to CW port, else other subsystem will write to ACW port. Note that for subsystem that is not active, you can configure it to either hold last value or reset.


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