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Generate .exe or any other executable for simulink model

Asked by giulio zamboni on 15 Apr 2019
Latest activity Commented on by Mark McBroom on 20 Apr 2019
Is it possible to generate an executable file from a simulink model that can run on a pc where there is not matlab&simulink installed?


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Answer by Mark McBroom on 15 Apr 2019

Yes, this can be done if you have a Simulink Coder license.


Thanks. Could you give me a link of a tutorial (doesn't matter if video or text) of this procedure?
As a result can I achieve also to have a graphic interface in my executable standalone? I'll try to explain better the application.
Suppose that I have to simulate a process in which I have some sources, let's supposte constant sources. The point is that I would like to allow the user itself to decide how many sources to put in the model and then to decide for each of them the value of the constant.
In this way I would like to allow the user itself to build his own model, but with some constraits given in the original model (my model).
Anyway in you could post a tutorial link then I'll try to see what I can achive.
Thank you so much
There are a couple of approaches depending on how you plan to get input data and capture output results for the simulation. THe easiest way is to use the FromFile and ToFile blocks to read/write data from a .mat file for simulation.

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