The position of x-label is reset to the original position when printing a 'boxplot' figure

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I want to adjust the position of x-label in a 'boxplot' figure and to save the figure in a 'png' format.
Although I adjusted the position of the x-label as bellow, the position was reset to the original position when printing the figure:
boxplot(randn(100, 3))
xlabel('Trial number')
h = get(gca, 'xlabel');
oldpos = get(h, 'Position')
set(h, 'Position', oldpos - [0, 20, 0])
print('-dpng', 'boxplot.png')
get(h, 'Position') % The position is reset !
Does anyone know how to fix this problem?
I'm using Matlab R2012b.

Answers (1)

Andrew Davis
Andrew Davis on 9 Sep 2013
I had this same problem -- very frustrating! Especially since this workaround indicates that the problem has existed for at least 3 years without a fix. The workaround didn't quite work as written for me, I used:
ax = findobj(gcf,'type','axes')
for j=1:length(ax),
boxparent = getappdata(ax(j),'boxplothandle');
listeners = getappdata(boxparent,'boxlisteners');
for i = 1:length(listeners),
listeners{i}.Enabled = 'off';
So, the procedure is:
  1. Get your boxplot to look the way you want it
  2. run the above loop do disable the listeners
  3. use the print command to output your plot

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