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LSTM time series forecasting with 3 inputs using chickenpox example

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jeonga ryu
jeonga ryu on 6 May 2019
Answered: Jon Cherrie on 2 May 2021
Please let me know how to apply 3 inputs for the time series forecasting using LSTM example below.
chickenpox example link:
In this example, input is one(numFeatures = 1;) and I'm having trouble with changing the codes for the multiple inputs.
I'm not sure with the data input structures, and following codes for it.
It would be appreciate to provide the example or explanation about it.
Thank you.

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Answers (1)

Jon Cherrie
Jon Cherrie on 2 May 2021
Rather than starting from the chickenpox example, you might be better off starting from the "Sequence-to-Sequence Regression Using Deep Learning" example:
In that case, the input is from 26 sensors and there is one output, an estimate of the remaining useful life of the engine.


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