How to extract a table from a financial website (

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I'm quite new to Matlab and programming, and I'd like to extract the 5 day table from this website:$M1HX/performance
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Both functions urlread and webread read almost all information, except the numbers. To me it seems like the numbers are not in the html-code, but the code refers to another location and then plots them. How can I extract these numbers?

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Zenin Easa Panthakkalakath
Hi Raphuel,
You could get started with this by using the 'webread' and 'getAttribute' functions. Have a look at the following documents for more information about the functions.
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Raphuel Pellegrom
Raphuel Pellegrom on 15 May 2019
Moved: Adam Danz on 21 Jan 2023
Hi Zenin, did you try it yourself? As I stated in my question, webread doesn't work, probably due to the way the website is programmed.
This script works fine!

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