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extract column name of table with Nan column

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joms on 17 May 2019
Answered: Peter Perkins on 20 May 2019
How can i return the label name of column with values all Nan
sample1=[1 2 3]';%Sample data
sample2=[4 5 6]';%Sample data
sample3=[7 8 9]';%Sample data
sample4=nan(3,1);%Sample data
patients = table(sample4,sample2,sample3)
sample4 sample2 sample3
_______ _______ _______
NaN 4 7
NaN 5 8
NaN Nan 9
output should be 'sample4' as cell array

Accepted Answer

madhan ravi
madhan ravi on 17 May 2019
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joms on 17 May 2019
Thank you very much madhan ravi! This is exactly im looking for.

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Peter Perkins
Peter Perkins on 20 May 2019
Using {:,:} to convert the entire table to a homogeneous array is perhaps one way to do this, but scales badly very quickly as the table gets big.
allMissing = all(ismissing(patients),1)
gives you a logical vector of variables in the table all of whose values are missing (whether or not they are numeric). Use that as a subscript into patients.Properties.VariableNames.




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